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About Us

    The St. Croix Valley Employers Association (SCVEA) was formed in 1979 by a small group of business leaders. The first meeting was held in February, 1980, and was attended by 42 representatives from 28 firms.

    The origin of the SCVEA grew out of a perceived need to develop a collection vehicle for salary information, data that would help inform local employers with regard to prevailing wage rates for a variety of job classifications. That remains a key focus for many Members. For others, the networking opportunities and/or the training on human resource-related issues are of greater appeal. Regardless, our Members share the common philosophy that the existence of the Association provides a tangible benefit regarding the HR side of businesses in the St. Croix valley.

    SCVEA hosts programs which address HR-related issues identified by members as deserving attention. Topics include such areas of interest as:

    • Labor law
    • Employment interviewing
    • New supervisor training
    • Customer service
    • Labor force projections and related solutions
    • Employee retention 


    Meet Our Officers



    Trish Norman
    Sons Metal Stamping
    Woodville, WI


    Treasurer and Technology Chair
    Kathy Vande Berg
    First Bank of Baldwin
    Baldwin, WI
    715-684-3366 ext. 114


    Dori Marty
    Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

    New Richmond, WI

    715-246-6561 x4207


    Meet Our Board of Directors


    Program Chair
    Nicole Butz 
    Sajan, Inc.
    River Falls, WI
    715-426-9505 ext.158


    Marketing Chair
    Mary Johnson

    O'Keefe Inc

    River Falls, WI


    Membership Chairs
    Jennifer Geiger

    Interfacial Consultants

    Prescott, WI



    Kaydi Sobottka

    First National Bank River Falls

    River Falls, WI



    Government Affairs Liaison
    Tom Revnew 
    Seaton, Peters & Revnew


    WITC Education Liaison
    Dori Marty
    Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

    715-246-6561 x4207


    Marketing Director

    Nicki O'Connell

    Russ Davis Wholesale

    Hammond, WI


    Marketing Director 

    Jill Gorres

    JA Counter

    New Richmond, WI


    Program Director 

    Kristen Novak
    River Falls Area Hospital