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    Coffee with Joshua - Three Part Webinar - 1 hour each

    Date: May 6-20, 2020
    Webinar - Register once for all three webinars
    $30 for series for SCVEA Member; $40 for series for Non-SCVEA Member
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    Message from Joshua Evans:

    May 6th-Staying Engaged While Working from Home

    The world has changed and so have many of our working conditions. With constant distractions, interruptions, and ever changing expectations it can be difficult to maintain our focus and our engagement during the working ours. In this session we will discuss ways to adapt your environment to your work needs while maintaining your sanity.

    Learning Objections:

    • Learn the three 'must haves' for a proper working from home office space
    • Discover ways to maintain focus and dismiss distractions
    • Find new ways to gasify your working from home experience

    May 13th-Overcoming Fear

    In today's world it is easy to be overcome with worry, anxiety, and stress. With so many variables out of our control, we can often feel powerless to combat the daily challenges we face. Fear has the ability to hinder our decision making abilities, impede our judgement, and negatively impact our physical and mental health. In this session, discover how fear develops, how it impacts cognitive functions, and learn essential tools for overcome fear.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Discover how fear impacts our decision making processes
    • Learn how to eliminate sources of fear
    • Obtain practical tools for overcoming fear in any situation

    May 20th-Retaining A Positive Perspective

    When faced with challenging times and difficult situations it can be hard to maintain a positive perspective. Recent Harvard studies have shown that people with a positive perspective on the world are 19% more accurate, 31% more productive, and 3x more creative. How can we consciously choose and maintain a positive perspective when faced with so many negative influences?

    In this session you will:

    • Learn how to manage influences in your life
    • Discover techniques for defaulting to Optimism
    • Develop methods for retaining a positive perspective

    Joshua M. Evans is a #1 best selling author in Leadership/Management Training, a
    TEDx Programmer, an organizational engagement specialist, international speaker, and the
    leading expert on company culture. Joshua has worked with 100's of companies like
    AmericanExpress, ExxonMobil, Latham & Watkins, HP, ReMax, Raytheon, Wood Mackenzie,
    Starbuck's, Landry’s, DHL, and Transamerica Life Insurance, and to assist them in creating
    the right company culture to improve employee engagement. His insights have been featured
    in The Wall Street Journal, LA Weekly, Harvard Business Review, INC., iHeartMedia, INC.,
    CBS,, Glassdoor, Recruiter Magazine, and many more.