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The Keys to Inspirational Leadership Seminar Blog

    Where there is CHAOS there is OPPORTUNITY.   Think about that.   How much chaos have you seen in your career?  Who has risen to the occasion?    What were the circumstances?   Who leads you through the journey to success?  

    St. Croix Valley Employers Association (SCVEA), recently hosted a seminar “The Keys to Inspirational Leadership” featuring successful business leader George Demou, President and CEO of Avtex.     George spoke about his career journey and the pivotal turning points (also known as chaotic moments of opportunity) leading to his success.   

    Over his career he has narrowed in his belief that high performing companies have four key elements:   Leadership, Focus, Culture and Loyal Customers.     He defined leadership to mean “you are able to connect your employees with the vision of the organization”.    If your employees cannot “see it” and ultimately “believe it”, how are they going to sell your product, your service or your concept?   A leader must be able to connect the dots and rally employees to accomplish something great.    And, successful leaders have a deep understanding of the company’s vision and goals.  

    Do your company, management leaders and employees have focus?   Do you have a strategic plan, a 5-year plan, or even a 1-year plan?    If there is a plan, do your managers and leaders know and understand what that is?    If they do not, it is absolutely imperative you make this your top priority.    You must have a strategy, have key priorities that support that strategy, and leaders that will build energy and FOCUS around that strategy.    Have one plan, not 3 plans--everyone should be marching in the same direction.  

    Do you know your team?   Do you care about your team?   What are their concerns, what do they struggle with, what are their successes, what motivates them?  Remember…whoever is listening is in control.    If your employees are talking to you, they are trusting you.     Carefully define what the goals are for the company, for the team, for individuals.    Coach employees, hold them accountable, empower them and enable them to build their success.    And Celebrate!    Celebrate small successes in addition to the monumental ones!   Culture is so important.   Employees are happier when they are working hard and seeing that work pay off.    Reward this behavior – it doesn’t have to be monetary all the time – a pat on the back, a lunch, public recognition, or…gasp…MORE OPPORTUNITY! 

    Successful companies have learned to hone in on their two key assets…their employees and their customers.    Without customers you have no need for employees.     Customers are your lifeline.  Treat them that way!       You can have the best product in the industry, but if you botch the customer experience, they…will…leave…period.    Ensure your employees understand how critical customer service is.    Share those success stories!    

    Final thoughts….

    People go to work for a leader….not a company.   Great leadership inspires!  

    Pound the drum, set the pace.  You have the drumsticks!  --  George Demou

    Written by Nicki O’Connell for SCVEA