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The St. Croix Valley Employers Association (SCVEA) was formed in 1979 by a small group of business leaders. The first meeting was held in February, 1980, and was attended by 42 representatives from 28 firms.

The origin of the SCVEA grew out of a perceived need to develop a collection vehicle for salary information, data that would help inform local employers with regard to prevailing wage rates for a variety of job classifications. That remains a key focus for many Members. For others, the networking opportunities and/or the training on human resource-related issues are of greater appeal. Regardless, our Members share the common philosophy that the existence of the Association provides a tangible benefit regarding the HR side of businesses in the St. Croix valley.

SCVEA hosts programs which address HR-related issues identified by members as deserving attention. Topics include such areas of interest as:

  • Labor law
  • Employment interviewing
  • New supervisor training
  • Customer service
  • Labor force projections and related solutions
  • Employee retention 

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St. Croix Valley Employers Association


    SCVEA Mission

    Promoting workforce development in St. Croix Valley by addressing broadly defined HR and other business needs.

    SCVEA Vision

    Building a better business community by being an asset and a resource for St. Croix Valley employers.